GE Lighting Products

A poorly lit workplace is often the most common reason for low productivity and inefficient operations. The solution to this would be to simply change your lighting systems and make your workplace a pleasing environment to work in. We recommend the use of GE lighting fixtures as they are highly reliable and protect your investment.

The following differentiators make GE lamps and fixtures a prudent choice:

  • A wide choice of lamps, fixtures and several other accessories. We specialize in GE Lighting Products.
  • Products specifically made for industrial, commercial and residential use.
  • A genuine warranty on every product.
  • Energy efficient products that do not add significantly to your power bills and helping you save hundreds of dollars each year.
Meridian Electric offers you an extensive range of the latest as well as hard-to-find parts for all your requirements. Our products are sourced only from leading manufacturers that adhere to global industry codes.

Our products include the following:

  • GE Electrical & Distribution Products
  • GE Lighting Fixtures
  • Hubbell Killark Explosion proof Equipment
  • CHM Industries and ABB Transmission Equipment

GE lighting fixtures are the most favored choice worldwide because they help you to reduce energy bills, enable you to carry out zero-defect processes and save you the expenses relating to frequent lamp replacements. These lamps boast of a high color rendering index (CRI) allowing for clear and bright illumination. In processes such as assembly and inspection, this quality is especially useful.

Since the burn out rate of GE lighting fixtures is among the lowest in the industry, you can expect undisrupted service. Please see the following catalogue to get the desired products of your preference. And order them online. We guarantee fastest delivery, at the lowest possible prices.

Note: If you do not see a product you are looking for, please contact us and we shall procure it or recommend an appropriate source.

Our Products Include

Audio Visual: Amplifiers, Conferencing Systems, Enclosures & Furniture, Explosion Proof Speakers, Microphones, Projectors, Screens & Monitors

Motors and Generators: Brushless Generators, Horizontal/Vertical, Induction AC/DC, Synchronous/Wound Rotor

Carbon Brushes: Traction/Industrial, Offshore drill

Contactors: Drill Motor Parts, Diesel Engine Parts, Oil Well Controls

Distribution Components: Bus way/ Power Capacitors, Circuit Breaker HV-LV, Panel Boards /Switchboards, Transfer /Disconnect SW

Power Generation: Control Arrangements, Control Components, Hot Has Path Components, Turbines Gas/Steam

Drives: Adjustable Speed, Pumps/HVA/Inverter, Static Kraemer Drives, Variables Frequency

Process Control and Testing: Hydraulic Pneumatic, Measuring/Sensing, Programmable Control

Electronics: Capacitors Connectors, Electron Tubes, Integrated Circuit, Semiconductors

Process Equipment: Flow & Mass Instruments, Pumps, Valves

Fuses: Current Limiting, Fuse Holders, Power LV-HV, Semiconductors/ Midget

Switchgear: Generator Control, Low, Medium, Hi Voltage, Unit Substation

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